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Why to choose Angel Broking for your Demat Account ? Full Review

When you open a demat account, you have to remember one important point that this account will be your window to the vast wealth of Shares, commodities, foreign currency tradings, Mutual Funds, Insurances and Bonds. But if you take the first step wrong, then you will be making a mistake that will take a lot of time to rectify. Of course, you can create another demat account if you are unhappy with your current brokerage account. So in this video, we will talk about, why Angel Broking Demat account is the best choice for you,if you are a beginner, mid level or a pro investor. We will point out the different positive aspects of the Angel broking Demat account in this video, and you will have to watch this video till the end to understand the complete importance of the Right DEMAT account for your trading.

Summary of benefits

  • All-in-one platform to invest across various asset classes.
  • ARQ powered trading platforms i.e. web trading platform, mobile app, and trading software.
  • We provide free advisiory call for derivatives fundamentals etc which no other brokers provide
  • Customized watch list asset wise helps to closely monitor stock movement.
  • Easy fund transfer service with 40+ Indian banks.
  • Investment advisory and suggestion for equity and mutual fund investment.
  • Stock-specific ARQ score helps to monitor the stock quality and thereby customize the portfolio in line with the prevailing market trend.
  • Free mutual fund investment with Angel Bee.
  • Customers can also access free research services.
  • Monitor your portfolio anytime anywhere.
  • Alerts and notifications.
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Don’t have Aadhar linked to your Mobile? Angel is there for you

If your mobile number is not connected with your Aadhar card then none of the discount brokers will allow you to open a demat account with the, But only Angel Broking provides you an alternative solution for this. With the help of e-mudra services, Angel Broking allows you to verify your Aadhar number separately. This feature is the best possible feature for new investors from India’s rural and small urban areas. Angel has implemented this feature just because ;they want the majority of Indian population to benefit from the share market and earn more by investing in different assets. Noother discount broker will offer you this feature.

Angel iTrade Prime - ₹20/Order Flat

Angel Broking iTrade – One web portal for all trading

There are two different types of traders who trade online. FIrst are the traders who prefer trading via their desktop or laptop. They use Desktop or laptop because of the better interactive options and easy to use handy keyboard. Because in India, cheaper smartphones are not always very fast, and as we all know, a small delay in executing your order, or a typo made at the mobile keypad, can become very costly for traders. Angel Broking iTrade is the one stop solution for all web trading related requirements. You can trade in EQuity, commodity, IPO, Currency, derivatives, IPO, MFs, and all possible things with the Angel iTrade. You can use the same login as the mobile app platform. SInce ANgel broking is a full service broker, hence this iTrade will not just allow you to trade, but will give you access to multiple features like trade charts, analysis, trade advices, customized portfolio management etc. These features you will not get from any other discount brokers, because discount brokers will only allow you to trade and their responsibility ends then and there. But imagine you are a beginner or a mid level trader who has very little experience about the different options and possibilities infront of you, then Angel broking becomes the best choice for you.

Demat Apps: Download the Share Market Trading App | Angel Broking

Angel Broking Mobile Application

Now imagine you are a trader who loves to trade while on the move, or you are an intraday trader who needs to always be online and receive personalized advice on the go, delivered to your mobile. Or you are an experienced pro trader who needs to have daily advice on commodity markets or currency trading delivered in real time to you. If you have a discount broker account, you will not have any of these. But the Angel broking mobile app gives you access to all of these features  in real time. The Angel mobile app is one of the best apps in terms of functionality and features, it provides you in depth information about shares and their analysis by industry level experts who appear on daily TV shows and who are highly valued for their advice internationally. All of these features you will get only in the angel mobile application and that’s why it is essential for you to create your Demat account with Angel broking. Because no other broker will give you the access to the same features as the Web Application, along with advisories, access to portfolio managers etc.

Angel Speed Pro Trading Software - Marathi - YouTube

Angel SpeedPro

SpeedPro is one of the best online share trading platforms offered by Angel Broking. The desktop based trading software or trading terminal can be installed on desktop or laptop from the official website of the broker. Real-time updates, monitoring portfolio health, single window trading experience, live market watch, integrated flash news and reports are the key features offered by the trading software.

5 Reasons to Invest with AngelBee- A Mutual Fund Platform

Angel Bee

This is a one-stop solution for your mutual fund investment requirement. In 2018, the app was awarded with the “Best Mobile App for Mutual Fund Investment”. The mutual fund app facilitates clients to invest, redeem and stop your MF investment, track MF portfolio, allows goal-based investing, assists you to calculate SIP amount to achieve target corpus, and many others. It is an installable app on Android and iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone.

Robo Advisory Platforms in Investment | Angel Broking

Angel Broking ARQ

ARQ is a rule-based investment engine that provides personalized advisory services based on predefined algorithms. Based on users input, ARQ develops a predictive analysis and recommends the best asset allocation strategy across equities and mutual funds. All the trading platforms by Angel Broking are ARQ powered to offer the best advisory services to customers. It also assists customers to check their portfolio health scores, so that users can make decisions regarding the add or removal of a particular stock from their portfolio. Now imagine you are a beginner level or mid level investor, imagine how much help the ARQ or RObo order can be to you? It will be like a best friend for you who will guide you based on your preference and years of acquired financial and trading data, and it will do it without being emotionally biased. That’s why you would need the angel broking account because no other broker will give this to you. Now imagine you are an advanced trader, you could see if your predictions and portfolio matches with ARQ recommendations, it never hurts to take a second opinion, and that too from a flawless mathematical genius driven by Artificial Intelligence, so think again if you are not using Angel Broking as your primary trader.

How Can ARQ Improve Your Portfolio Score | Angel Broking - YouTube

So don’t wait anymore, start your Angel Broking Demat account right away for the best trading experience.

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