Technical Analysis is the graphical representation of the past market price action data mainly price and volume data.

In simple words “it is the study of past market price data”

Understanding the Rectangle & Flag Pattern : –

Rectangle & Flag pattern are the patterns generally called as continuation patterns. The pattern explained in the the below video with live examples. This pattern if correctly identified & traded will make wonders. Just keep following & keep earning.

On 22.07.2018 the video explained with the patterns emerged & on 23rd Maruti give breakout & made high of 9750 in cash & 9775 in futures. More than 350 points up & also nifty chart explained & today nifty also given breakout & made a high of 11109 in futures. This Nifty breakout gives an indication that Nifty will touch previous high at least & will try to breakout from previous high.

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Basics of Candlesticks

We have explained the candlestick and the most powerful candles in the below video. By using these candles you can earn daily profits.

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The purpose to build this website is to share the knowledge on the financial markets by means of Techinal Analysis or Fundamental Analysis what we have gained. Our Main focus is to help retail traders & investors.

As this side is built up for educational purpose we will try to update the knowledge by means of technical charts, market outlook, outlook on particular stocks & learning material in terms of blogs, videos and so on for retail investors and traders.

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